Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 3

21. How will you run the process developed on your machine in other’s machine in standalone deployment?

Giving a. bp release and importing it into the local machine.

22. Types of data items

a.Date, b. Date Time, c. Text, d. password, e. Time, f. Image, g. Binary, h. Number, i. Timespan, j. Flag

23. How will you access single variable in all pages in a process/object?

By Unchecking Hide from other pages.

24. Explain the default pages of Process/Object.

Process – Main Page/ Object – Initialize and Clean up

25. Differences between the functionality of process or object.

Process – Hierarchical/ Object – Parallel pages execution

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26. Differences between process and object stages

Navigate stage, Wait Stage, write stage, read stage, code stage will be available in object but not in process. Alert stage will be there in process which is absent in object studio.

27. Differences between global and local variables.

Global variables – Visible thru all pages in the process/object
Local variables – Visible only to the page

28. Which part of the blue prism interacts with applications?

Application Modeller

29. Differences between Page reference and Action Stage

Page reference – To use the page Inside of object or process
Action – To call a business object from object or process

30. What are the types of exceptions and the differences between them?

System and Business Exceptions and the differences

blue prism interview questions answers

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