Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 9

81. What is the purpose of Business Object and how to check the object attached with the application or not?

Business Object is the main purpose of providing the interface to a single application. It is not exposed to the Control Room and it is used by the process as it never uses by itself.
To check whether the project is attached to the application or not, it is needed to use the top or root element in an application model and then select the option – read operation then it will be connected.

82. Can you set the priority to work with Queue items in Blue Prism, How?

Yes, we can set the priority to work with Queue items in Blue Prism. The first item is added to the queue with the help of Add to Queue action. And to work with the Queue item, the priority setting process is started. Once the priority of an item is added to the queue, it can’t be changed.

83. How can safe stop be configured?

Within the Decision stage, use of IsStopRequest(), an inbuilt Environment function, can help to configure safe stop in the process.

84. What do you think of Mark Exception and System Unavailable Exception in Blue Prism?

As a developer, you may probably come across this blue prism interview question. You can answer this question in a direct manner. There are two flag inputs in Mark Exception action and these are ‘Keep Locked’ and ‘Retry’ use for controlling the features. When a new item is developed, it will return its ID into the output parameter of this New Item. Once keep Locked is set to True, a new item will be under the control of the process.

If you are not able to launch the application, sub-page or action will throw a System Unable Exception. This exception is not related to the Work Queue item issue which might be working presently. You need to unlock the item simply not just marking it as an exception.

85. What do you understand by Functional Requirements Questionnaire (FRQ)?

Functional Requirements Questionnaire (FRQ) are used to provide areas for consideration and a quick checklist for the required details.

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86. Explain the Concept of Exception Bubbling

Exceptions can occur at any point throughout a Process Solution. Wherever an Exception occurs, it will always move up towards the Main Page of the Process to the highest layer of the Process Solution.
An Exception will continue to Bubble up from an Action in a Business Object and then through the hierarchy of the Pages within the calling Process until it reaches a Page that contains Recovery logic. At which point the Exception will be handled.
If the main page of the highest layer of the process solution does not have logic to handle the error, an error message window will appear when running in the process studio. If the same occurs when running a process in the control room, the process will terminate.

The options are:

  • An HTML connector, which allows working with HTML, JavaScript, ActiveX controls, and other common components of a browser interface.
  • A Windows connector, allowing access to Windows applications built using the .NET Framework, the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library, Visual Basic 6, PowerBuilder, and other Windows based user interface technologies.
  • A Java connector for working with user interfaces created using Swing, Java applets, Oracle
    Forms, and other technologies based on the Java Virtual Machine.
  • A mainframe connector, which allows access to mainframe applications through terminal emulators from various vendors, including Attachmate, Micro Focus, IBM, and others.
  • A Citrix connector, allowing access to applications that provide their user interfaces via technologies such as Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

87. Which symbol in blue prism, In Control Room pending or unworked item will be marked by?

Control Room pending or unworked item will be marked by three blue dots.

88. If Data1 current value is 132, the formula [Data1]<>123 will return true


89. In Blue Prism your Main page should contain?

Main page should contain high level steps.

90. Is Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation Platform secure and auditable?

  • Security and auditability are joined with the Blue Prism mechanical computerization organize at a couple of levels. The run-time condition is thoroughly separate to the system changing condition.
  • Approvals to arrangement, make, modify and run techniques and business objects are specific to each endorsed customer.
  • A full audit trail of changes to any technique is kept, and connections of the when effect of changes are given.
    The log set aside a few minutes for every methodology gives a low down, time-stamped history of each move and decision made inside an automated technique.
  • Our clients have a tendency to find that running a system with Blue Prism gives them fundamentally more control than a manual strategy, and from a consistence point of view ensures that techniques are run dependably, as per the method definition.

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