Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 5

41. Wat is the Difference Between Get Work sheet as Collection and Get work sheets as Collection(Fast) ?

Get work sheet as Collection will have input parameters like Work book name ,Work Sheet name and Handle and Get work sheets as Collection(Fast) will have No Inputs and collects the data whichever Sheet is Currently Active.

42. How do you handle more than 1 lack or 1 million records in the Excel Sheet. How do you automate the Excel. ?

If you have more bots configured then Each Bot will pick one record at a time and process the Records.We have to Work queue Concept for Processing each record at a time.

43. Difference Between collections and data items.

Data item can initialized only one data value at a time but whereas the collection can intinsiles more than one value at a time. collections are used within a loop stage but data items are not used.

44. stage logging ?

we have three types enabled,disabled,errors only. stage logging is a feature that hides each stage not to visible in the stage log viewer.

45. Exception handling – when he error occurs within bp business process these error has to be handled in order to make the process complete.

For Exception Handling we use recover,resume and exception stages

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46. Difference Between Resume and recovery

Recovery stage is used to catch the exception and diffuse the error, resume stage is used for contining the flow of execution.

47. What is the difference between Immediate stop and request stop?

Immediate stop when requested in control room the process stops exactly on the stage where it is executing currently. status of the process in control room shows as “Terminated”
when request stop is clicked on control room “Is Stop Requested” function becomes true and will stop the process after one complete cycle of execution. status of the process in control room shows as “Completed”

48. Explain Business Objects

49. Explain process followed in your RPA project ?? explain the RPA life cycle ?

Discover phase —> solution design phase –> development phase (coding ) –> UAT —> Go live phase –> Run phase.

50. What is the purpose of preserve check box in blue prism ?

A new exception (the exception what we have written in exception stage) is generated when the preserve checkbox is not ticked. by default it is not ticked.

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