Capgemini Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the difference between process and object studio?

Process studio:

i)Process studio is the workspace where the flow of the process is defined
ii)When a page of a process is run, it will run from the main page irrespective of whatever the page you are in.

Object studio:

i) Object studio is the workspace where the objects of the applications have interacted
ii)When a page in the object is run, it will run only the current page.

2. What are the stages available in object studio that is not available in process studio?

i)Navigate stage
ii)Read stage
iii)Write stage
iv)Code stage
v)Wait stage

3. What is the difference between the defined and undefined collection?

In the Defined collection, the fields inside the collection are set prior to the run whereas in undefined collection no field is set prior to the run. The fields are populated in runtime.

4. What is environmental locking?

This is a feature which prevents multiple bots from accessing the same path of a process. A token is generated in environmental locking which allows only one bot to access.

5. What are the different modes available for object spying?

Different modes are
i)HTML mode
ii)WIN32 mode
iii)Accessibility mode
iv)Region mode
v)UI automation mode

6. What is a thin client and thick client?

The Thin client is the application from which we cannot get many attributes of an object. Only region mode can be used in Thin client applications. Ex: Citrix, Oracle-based applications.

The thick client is the application from which we can get many attributes of an object. We can use any mode in Thick client applications. Ex: Internet Explorer, Calculator.

7. What is the use of Work Queues?

Work Queues are used to break a large volume of work to small volume and multiple bots can be used so that the time consumption can be reduced.

8. What are types of modes available for an object?

Modes available for the objects are
i)Foreground mode
ii)Background mode
iii)Exclusive mode

9. What is the extension of a release?


10.What is the use of Initialize and cleanup in object studio?

Initialize and cleanup is the pre and post conditions which will execute at the start and end of the object respectively.

It cannot be called through action as it will run automatically when a particular object is called.

11.What are the languages that can be used in the coding stage?

ii)Visual Basic

12. What are the types of debugging techniques available in blue prism?

Debugging techniques available in blueprism are

i) Step – It executes each and every stage. If it encounters a page, process or an action, it enters inside and executes.
ii)Step Over – It executes each and every stage. If it encounters a page, process or an action, it does not enter inside but still executes over the page.
iii)Step Out – It executes everything that is available on the current page.

13. What are the ways to expose data item?

Different ways to expose data items are

i)Environment variable
ii)Session variable.

14. What is Environment variable?

This is a type of exposure in data item where the value of data item can be changed without opening the processor object.
Environment variables will be available in System tab under process section.

15. What is Session variable?

This is a type of exposure in data item where the value of data item can be changed during runtime.
Session variable can be changed in the control room while running the particular process.

16. What are the best practices in blue prism?

The best practice in blueprism are :.

i)Exception handling- It should be used in an efficient way to handle the error wherever it is possible.
ii)Work Queues – Usage of work queues to reduce the time
iii)Wait stage – In region mode, wait stage should be used wherever the screen changes.
iv)Anchor stage – It should be used wherever possible so that the processor object looks readable

17. What is the difference between global send keys and global send key events?

Global send keys are the high-level interface which sends keystrokes to the active application whereas global send key events is a low-level interface which mimics keyboard keystrokes in the operating system. It is used on thin client applications like Citrix.

18. How to invoke java script in blue prism?

Java script can be invoked through navigate stage in object studio.

19. What are the disadvantages of surface automation?

i)It uses screen coordinates to click on objects. So accuracy will be very low.
ii)If the target application is not active, there is a possibility of global send keys passing the values to the wrong application.

20. How to publish a process to control room?

A Process can be published to control room by opening the process information box in the main page and checking the box “Publish this Process to Control Room”

21. Explain on a session in Blue prism.

Session is an instance created when you start running a process on a selected resource

22.Explain the difference between session and an environment variable.

Session Variable is a variable whose value can be changed for every session and environment variable is a variable whose value can’t be changed till the resource stops the execution of the process flow from control room.

23.Where will you declare session and environment variables?

Session variable is declared inside the process or object by selecting the exposure to session.
Environment variable is declared in system outside any process or object and once declared, need to select the exposure to environment and select from the drop down available in name of the data item.

24.Explain the Interface/Infrastructure of blue prism.

Blue prism have 6 parts separated in its infrastructure.
A. Home
B. Studio – Process/Object
C. Control Room
D. Analytics
E. Releases
F. System

25.Explain Control Room.

Control Room is one of the infrastructures of blue prism in which we control the process through session management, queue management and scheduler.

26.Use of scheduler

Scheduler is to schedule the robot process based on the input availability.

27.What is the format of file import/export from/to blue prism?


28. How will you run the process developed on your machine in other’s machine in standalone deployment?

Giving a. bp release and importing it into the local machine.

29.Types of data items

i) Date,
ii)Date Time,
iv) password,
viii) Number,
x) Flag

30 . How will you access single variable in all pages in a process/object?

By Unchecking Hide from other pages