Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 10

91 How long until my team are self-sufficient in developing automated processes?

The initial 3 day training course provides the basic knowledge required to begin creating automated processes. Candidates can expect to achieve full accreditation within the timeframe of the project for the initial Operational Agility framework creation. During this time the trainees are delivering automated processes into the production environment therefore generating business benefit.

92 How long does a robot automation project take?

Typical projects are measured in weeks. One heuristic is that it takes as long to train a robot as it does a human. Complex new task will take longer depending of the level of object re-use available.

93 What is Set Data Action (Internal-Work Queues Business Object) in blue prism?

Use the Set Data Action (Internal-Work Queues Business Object) to save the updated data collection back to the queue.

94 What is used to measure process performance and for generating MI (Management Information)?

Object data is used to measure process performance and for generating MI (Management Information).

95 What are Outputs in Blue Prism?

Blue Prism provides the Release Manager which allows users to create checklists known as Outputs.

96 What are Credentials in Blue Prism?

Use Blue Prism’s “Credentials” feature to control access to a file. (Process must request permission.)

97 What are Global Mouse Click and Global Send Keys in Blue Prism?

Global Mouse Click and Global Send Keys are examples of operations that need an active application.

98 What is Priority input parameter?

Populate the Priority input parameter of the Add To Queue action. Items are worked in order of lowest priority number first, so an item with Priority set to 1 will be worked before an item with Priority set to 2.

If the Priority input parameter is not set, the default value of 0 (highest priority) is used. The next item to work is always returned in order of priority, and then date loaded into the queue (oldest first).

99 What is the use of deferred in Blue Prism?

New items can be deferred to prevent them from being worked too soon. If a deferral date is specified when items are created, the queue will hold on to them until that date. Effectively the items are temporarily frozen.

100 What is a conclusion in Blue Prism?

If a process is successfully completed to a conclusion (no more working is required on the case) the work queue item should be tagged as completed, with a brief completion type.

Because tags show up on the Blue Prism Performance Report, tagging completed statuses provides an easy way to keep track of how many cases complete with each completion reason.