Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 4

31 How much does robotic automation cost?

A “fully loaded” office robot is approximately a 1/3rd the cost of globally sourced agents. The flexibility and ease of deployment means that this comparison is easy to maintain and judge the nest approach to a given tasks. I think we mean to say, “the best approach” rather than the “nest approach”!

32 What is Security in Blue Prism?

There are 3 different types of security available, they are:

  • User: to assign new user info, we can assign accordingly
  • Credentials: to store secret infos
  • Options: rules for password settings

33 What is Environmental variable in Blue Prism?

Environmental vairables are used to keep the value of that variable dynamic and can be used when ever wanted.

34 What are the uses of Tags in Blue Prism?

Tags can be used when getting items (Using Get Next Item) from the Work Queue. You can filter the items to retrieve by the presence or absence of a specific tag, by giving the appropriate arguments to the Tag Filter input parameter of the Get Next Item action.

You can also use a combination of tags in the Tag Filter parameter, separated by semi-colons. For example, by setting the Tag Filter to be “+Work Type1;+Customer Type2;-Work Source1” the next item with the “Work Type1” and “Customer Type2” tags and without a “Work Source1” tag will be returned.

35 Explain Status in Blue Prism?

Each Work Queue item has a status. The status can be used as a method of recording what work has been done so far on a Work Queue item. Select the Update Status action.

36 How can you set the priority for a work Ques in Blue Prism?

Setting the Priority for a Work Queue item is done when the item is first added to the queue using the Add To Queue action. The Priority of an item cannot be changed after it has been added to the queue.

37 What is Priority input parameter?

Populate the Priority input parameter of the Add To Queue action. Items are worked in order of lowest priority number first, so an item with Priority set to 1 will be worked before an item with Priority set to 2.

If the Priority input parameter is not set, the default value of 0 (highest priority) is used. The next item to work is always returned in order of priority, and then date loaded into the queue (oldest first).

38 What is a Blur Prism Process Template?

  1. A) It is strongly recommended that the Blue Prism Process Templates are used as the basis for all processes created in Blue Prism. Using templates ensures processes are easy to configure and support, and how Work Queues are used is consistent across all processes that are created.

39 What are Multiple-Part Processes?

Multiple-Part Processes: where a case needs to be worked in multiple parts at different times

Parent/Child Relationships: where individual Work Queue items must be linked to a single request

Using Workflow Systems: where work is driven from an external system rather than from a Blue Prism work queue

Real-time work requests: where requested are added throughout the day and must be worked in a short SLA period

40 What is active queue configuration in Blue Prism?

Instead of creating sessions separately in Control Room and then moving to the queue management page to see the results, active queues allow you to set a target number of resources which should be working the queue, Blue Prism uses the active queue configuration to determine how to achieve that target.

Active Work Queues are only useful when running dozens of sessions for one process. When this is not the case, the benefits of Active Work Queues will not be realized.