Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 6

51 How do you invoke a UiPath workflow?

Workflows are small pieces of common automation that are reusable and applicable in multiple scenarios. They are used to automate similar processes. You can invoke a workflow using “Invoke Workflow” function in UiPath and save it as a template. You can also combine two workflows to make it combined automation.

52 What is Citrix automation?

Citrix automation is used to automate process such as filling fields in form and submitting the form in a virtual desktop application. You can use processes such as data entry form filling using Citrix automation.

53 List the Industrial applications of RPA.

  • Banking – Automation of credit card applications in bank, loan processing
  • Retail – Update orders, manage fake accounts, process shipping notifications
  • Telecommunication – Monitor subscriber feeds, fraud management and customer data updates
  • HR – Candidate sourcing, Background verification, payroll automation.

54 How do you do screen scraping in RPA?

Screen scraping is an essential component of RPA toolkit, it is used to capture bitmap data from the screen and cross verifies it with stored information to decipher it.

55 List the benefits of Screen scraping.

  1. Works on application elements that are not accessible through code or UI frameworks.
  2. Text digitization through Optical character recognition (OCR).
  3. Easy to implement & mostly accurate.

56 What are the different automation frameworks in software automation testing?

  1. Modular automation framework
  2. Keyword driven framework
  3. Hybrid automation framework
  4. Data driven framework

57 List the components of RPA Solution Architecture.

  1. Enterprise applications such as ERP Solutions (SAP)
  2. RPA tools – In any environment such as Citrix, web or desktop
  3. RPA Platform – Scheduling, distributing & monitoring the execution of software bots.
  4. RPA Execution Infrastructure
  5. Configuration management

58 List the limitations of RPA.

  1. Limitations to tasks like decision making or judgmental tasks.
  2. It is not a cognitive computing solution rather learns through experience only
  3. Might be error prone if subjected to new environment without experience
  4. Cost of implementation is higher across the industry for RPA.

59 Explain Flow Switch in UiPath.

Flow switch (aka) Flow decision is a flowchart specific activity that splits the control flow into two or more branches based on conditions. Whichever condition is satisfied, that task is executed.

60 What are the different activities performed by UiPath?

  • Core activities – for automation process
  • Cognitive activities – for language translations
  • Credential activities – for enabling the adding & deleting of credentials
  • Database activities – for executing queries, transactions
  • Excel activities – for automating MS Excel tasks
  • FTP activities – for performing functions in FTP server
  • Intelligent OCR activities – for digitization and scraping
  • Mail activities – for working with IMAP, POP3, SMPT, Outlook
  • PDF activities – for data extraction from PDF
  • Python activities – for invoking python scripts and methods
  • Terminal activities – for retrieving data from terminal
  • Web activities – for performing SOAP and HTTP request to any web APIs
  • Word activities – for automating activities in MS Word