Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers Set 8

71 What do you by mean by the term Information Collection in RPA?

In RPA, robots need raw data or information to perform their operations smoothly and reliably. They generally collect this information from different resources and it is also possible that the same can be provided to them manually.

72 With RPA, is it always necessary that an organization that needs to adopt this approach have to change its entire infrastructure? Why or why not?

It is not always necessary that to adopt RPA everything needs to be changed in an organization. In fact, it can easily be made compatible with the existing infrastructure. This is mainly due to the fact that the latest robotic software and tools in RPA doesn’t face any compatibility issues easily and can simply enable the organizations to keep up the pace.

73 How can you say that Robotic Process Automation is a secure and reliable approach?

At several levels, the same is built in the RPA. The good thing is with all the vendors, runtime factor is totally different to the process which is related to the editing of anything. It is not necessary that all the users are given the same actions but in fact, they can be restricted. This generally includes creating, designing, running, as well as editing the processes. Every log created is capable to provide full information with a wide scope. As compared to a manual process, RPA provides extra control, as well as security.

74 What is the difference between Mainframe and Non-Mainframe Applications?

Mainframe applications:

  • It’s a single screen and keyboard-based application.
  • There are separate set in-built commands supported by Blue Prism especially for mainframe applications

Non-mainframe applications:

  • It includes multiple screens
  • Control moves from one screen to another screen.

75 What is a single block activity in UiPath?

Single Block Activity is the smallest type of project which is mainly called as Sequence. They are suitable for linear processes as they enable you to go from one activity to another seamlessly, and act as a single block activity. They can be reused time and again, as a standalone automation or as part of a state machine or flowchart.

76 What are Control Flow Activities in UiPath?

Control Flow is a concept borrowed from computer science that refers to the order in which actions are performed in an automation. A proper Control Flow can be achieved through the intelligent use of variables and activities.

77  What is the Assign Activity in UiPath?

The Assign activity is an important activity that is going to be used quite often, as it enables you to assign a value to a variable. You can use an Assign activity to increment the value of a variable in a loop, sum up the value of two or more variables and assign the result to another variable, assign values to an array and so on. By default, this activity is also included in the Favorites group. To remove it, right-click it and select Remove.

78 What is the Switch Activity in UiPath?

The Switch activity enables you to select one choice out of multiple, based on the value of a specified expression. By default, the Switch activity uses the integer argument, but you can change it from the Properties panel, from the TypeArgument list. The Switch activity can be useful to categorize data according to a custom number of cases. For example, you can use it to store data into multiple spreadsheets or sort through names of employees.

79 What systems can Blue Prism robotically integrate?

Blue Prism has incorporated several years of experience of integration and various technologies into its software. The technologies used are secure, reliable and robust. Instead of creating new adaptors for each unique application we have developed technology adaptors for all the technologies employed at the presentation layer, Windows, Web, Java, Green Screen/Mainframe and even Citrix.
This consolidated with a broad assortment of dedicated tools that have been developed means that we are confident in being able to link any system with the click of a button. This proven application orchestration ability ensures that new processes can be quickly designed, built and tested without any impact on existing systems.

80 Key elements in RPA?

  • RPA software executes tasks & activities performed by humans seamlessly across various applications & Systems.
  • RPA software is located in the cloud or dedicated servers within the organization can automate tasks on machines remotely.